LED Lamps

LED 25 3.3 W/827 E14 FR

General Description  
EAN10 4052899930551
Type of packaging Folding box
Base (standard designation) E14
Energy efficiency class A+
Dimmable No
Nominal lamp life time 15000 h
Number of switching cycles 100000
Rated lamp life time 15000 h
Appropriate disposal acc. to WEEE Recycling
Mercury-free Yes
Electrical Data  
Nominal wattage 3.30 W
Rated wattage 3.30 W
Claimed equiv. conventional lamp 25 W
Nominal voltage 220…240 V
Nominal current 0.026 A
Operating frequency 50…60 Hz
Power factor λ 0.50
Energy consumption 4 kWh/1000h
Length 88.0 mm
Overall length 88.0 mm
Maximum diameter 45.0 mm
Diameter 45.0 mm
Outer bulb P45
Technical Data  
Light color (designation) Warm White
Light color 827
Color temperature 2700 K
Color rendering index Ra ≥80
Nominal luminous flux 250 lm
Luminous intensity not relevant
Rated beam angle (half peak value) 200.00 °
Beam angle 200 °
Rated luminous flux 250 lm
Lumen main.fact.at end of nom.life 0.70
Lumen maintenance at end of service 0.70
Standard deviation of color matching ≤6 sdcm
Starting time 0.0 s
Warm-up time (60 %) < 0.50 s
Premature failure rate ≤ 5.00 %
Lamp mercury content 0.0 mg
Product weight 33.00 g
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